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Are You Looking for a Faith Based Christian Counselor?

Christian Counseling can mean different things to different people. As your potential therapist, you probably want to know what Christian Counseling means to me. 

First, it starts with who I am as a person. I strive to be authentic and genuine. I believe it is not my role to judge others but to show God's love and grace. I am actively growing in my relationship with Jesus Christ. Just like you, I am not perfect and I don't have all the answers but I believe when we seek Him, he will guide and direct our lives and give us peace even when we don't understand or have the answers. I believe our heavenly father is the ultimate healer, restorer and transformer. I recognize that most of us struggle at some point with our faith and I desire therapy to be a safe place to explore those struggles. Integrating the Christian faith into counseling is such a passion of mine that I obtained an additional masters degree in Christian Psychological Studies in order to be effective in providing this level of care to my clients. 

Secondly, Christian Counseling has to do with what actually happens during the therapy process. Most people who are looking for a Christian counselor are looking for a therapist who is knowledgeable and skilled in providing quality mental health treatment while also effective in integrating the Christian faith into their therapy.


You might ask what does integrating Christian faith into therapy look like? Take into consideration a client who may be struggling with severe anxiety. Counseling might include learning research proven relaxation techniques to help lower anxiety levels, identifying and desensitizing anxiety triggers, and exploring and addressing root causes of the anxiety. Viewing struggles through the lens of scripture and personal faith may help improve coping skills, change unhealthy mindsets and gain new insights. Often, feelings of anger, abandonment and/or disappointment in God surface and having a comfortable environment to talk about those feelings and thoughts can be very helpful. 

What if I'm not a Christian or I'm not interested in Christian Counseling? Respect for my clients is one of my utmost goals. I will be honored to work with you as a therapist and will respect your wishes and goals for therapy. 


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