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Healing & Hope


Do you feel stuck, desperate to move forward in your life but can't seem to leave the past in the past? Do your emotions get the best of you...anxiety, depression, anger, irritability? Are you tired of taking care of or trying to fix everyone else but feel guilty for wanting to focus on your own needs and wants for a change? Maybe you've lost a sense of who you are and don't even know what your needs and wants are. Maybe your past experiences, possibly physical or sexual abuse, create shame, guilt or deep emotional pain. 

There is HOPE! It is possible to heal from and let go of your past. It is possible for your emotions to no longer control your present. It is possible to have a sense of peace, healthier relationships and a greater understanding of who you are, what you want and communicate confidently to others without feeling guilty. 

It is vitally important to choose the right therapist for you! Contact me now so you can discover more and we can determine together if you and I are a good match.  

Shea Lasiter, LPC

As a licensed professional counselor, I consider it a privilege to work with my clients and bear witness to their life stories, many of which are filled with pain, trauma and abuse. It is important to me to create a safe, comfortable and judgement free place where individuals can journey towards healing, restoration and transformation.  I use evidence based approaches in therapy in order to ensure that clients receive quality care. As a Certified EMDR Therapist I am committed to providing effective EMDR therapy and staying updated on current research and training related to EMDR therapy. 


Abuse, PTSD, Trauma: 

My desire is to provide effective treatment for those struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other trauma and abuse wounds. I am a Certified EMDR Therapist and I utilize EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing) with clients who have a history of abuse and trauma. EMDR is a highly effective and evidenced based therapy for PTSD. EMDR is in the highest category of The Department of Defense/Department of Veterans Affairs Practice Guidelines for treating PTSD and is recommended for all trauma populations at all times. My counseling work over the past 20 years has solidified the reality that many individuals who are struggling emotionally also have a history of trauma and abuse. Many people think of trauma as "Big T's" such as combat in war, natural disasters, experiences of First Responders and physical/sexual abuse but research shows that any distressing life experience can potentially cause PTSD symptoms. We call these "Small T's". I often hear clients talk about feeling "stuck" and being unable to move past the past. Anxiety and depression can also be results of past trauma and/or distressing life events that are often resolved once the PTSD is treated. As a therapist, I thoroughly enjoy witnessing the amazing changes that take place while using EMDR therapy!


Having worked as a high school counselor for ten years, I have a passion for working with adolescents and helping them sort through life’s challenges that can be especially difficult at this age. I have experienced that working with parents and family members is an important part in an adolescent’s progress and wellbeing.


As an adoptee myself, I have a passion for working with all matters related to adoption. This includes adoptees, adoptive parents, birth parents and any individual impacted by adoption. I realize the remarkable reality of adoption but also understand the challenges and issues that can arise for all individuals involved.

Christian Counseling: 

My training at PSI, now known as Richmont Graduate University, developed my passion and ability to provide Christ centered counseling for those clients who desire the integration of spirituality in their counseling. I understand that not all clients desire this integration of faith and I respect client's decisions in that regards. My goal is to meet client's wherever they are in their faith walk in a judgement free environment. My desire is to walk with clients on a journey of healing, restoration and transformation. I believe that a sense of hope is critical when facing life’s difficult challenges and that this sense of hope is best found in our relationship with God. I recognize that life's struggles often cause us to question God and our faith. I don't shy away from asking life’s hard questions and helping my clients find peace, truth and freedom in their lives. I believe that no situation or person is beyond the reach of the grace, mercy and healing of our heavenly father.


I am dedicated to working with individuals struggling with grief and complicated grief issues which are often related to suicide, homicide, death of a child or the unexpected death of loved ones. Grief is not only experienced through the death of a loved one but can result from any loss such as loss of relationship, job, health and many other life experiences. 

Women's Issues: 

Many of the women I work with are struggling with low self esteem, codependency and unhealthy boundaries. They have often lost a sense of who they are because they are so focused on taking care of and meeting everyone else's needs. Many have trouble saying "no" in their relationships and feel guilty if they do. Many lack a sense of awareness of their own emotions, thoughts, bodies, needs and wants. 


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